Cabinet d’avocat dédié à l’immigration en France et au Canada

Legal Assistance FRANCE-CANADA

BENIHOUD AVOCAT advises and assists Canadians wishing to settle or already living in France as well as French people moving to Canada regarding their rights and legal obligations.

Areas of intervention :

  • Immigration.
  • Tax obligations and application of international tax treaties (Convention between France and Canada etc).
  • Social coverage and pension schemes.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • Custom certificates*.

*A certificate of custom is an “attestation from a foreign lawyer relating to the existence, content and interpretation of a foreign law. When, during a dispute, it is necessary to apply a foreign law according to the rules of conflict, the litigant who intends to rely on it produces a certificate of custom to the French judge. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

BENIHOUD AVOCAT also provides legal expertise/opinions to Canadian or French judicial or administrative tribunals in matters of French law or Canadian law.

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